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Taking the kids, Mini, Snoopy and GWO for a walk <3 They do this every time I go to visit them, instant mood booster! (They're on a closed road, no traffic goes by 😊) ... See MoreSee Less

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Thank you for this - just so adorable. I really needed this .Yesterday, i lost my best furry friend, Pansy, my 15 yr old kitty over the Rainbow Bridge. Pansy was my everything . Now, I have no more furry best friends. I am lost without Pansy. Thank you again for bringing me a smile - Bless you πŸ™‚

I had a pretty little pink quartz stone in my garden and it's gone. I suspect a magpie nicked it. They loiter with intent in the area.

Had a mum dad and baby now I just have mum and dad they keep chasing the baby away is this what happens?

I love when they run with their wings out, it's like they want to hug you (or air out their armpits) πŸ˜‚

I spotted my Darling (she has a damaged wing, easy to spot) on the road, slowed down, put my window down and told her to get off the road. She did πŸ˜‚

Since we lost our furry friend Bindi,1o months ago,three Magpies have befriended us.They come here everyday for their meat treats and are so lovable and friendly....they have been a blessing to us <3 :)..

LOL, Lyn!!!! Love this!!! Actually there's a woman over here who regularly feeds them bits of mince and groups of them wait in certain spots for her to arrive.

Very clever with the special effects, just the right music! Gave me a good laugh and my dog is fooled every time she hears your magpies indoors

My family had to reign in the two youngsters yesterday morning as they were annoying dad a little too much .. but like the death stare given with a little nip

we have 2 wild maggies. Have been visiting us for many years. they bring their babies when they are old enough also then off they go to find their own way when they are old enough and we start a new family again

I'm so sorry for your loss, Daveen. I feel your heartache as I have lost both dog and cat furry babies. They are in our hearts forever.

Isn't it nice how they walk to support their special magpie (you) that can't fly πŸ™‚

Ann Roses our two fears.. Magpies and "clown" circus music ...

your posts' are fabulous and create instant warmth and smiles! thank you!

Jason, look! Super friendly

We have 25 regulars that come for a visit every day. If I'm not up quick enough they tap on the window or door lol.

Erico Freitas olha que pΓ‘ssaros maneiros. πŸ™‚

I absolutely love the magpies. Thank you so much for posting videos and turning me on to them.

This is the perfect way to start your day - with a smile. <3

that's wonderful I love the way they walk with their wings out

I have a question: why don't they fly away, are their wings clipped? They're just beautiful

Preparing for take off on runway 2!!! Please keep wings in the take off position......

I guess you met them at your place... how did they all get here? did they move to find territory?

That's me sorted, going out now with a smile on my face. These critters are special.

Trying to teach you to fly... come on now... stretch out your wings like this... build a bit of speed... come on... πŸ‘…

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2 weeks ago

The Magpie Whisperer

Throwback to this time last year 😊<3

The Magpie Whisperer
Always such a delight to see wild birds playing like this! <3
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The Magpie Whisperer

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Disgusting habit I know but I smoke.. And I always have one with my head stuck out the bedroom window last thing at night. Well I leave the butt In an ashtray on the window sill with the window open. Each morning ( very early) I was being woken by tapping sounds, and each morning my ciggie butt was gone. One morning last week I heard the tapping... jumped up and caught the culprit, a magpie !! I felt awful that this bird had developed a habit and obviously concerned that I'd unintentionally poisoned it. I haven't had a ciggie out the window since but the magpie still comes and pops in the window.

I have a query about my 4 magpies. I usually hear them "waking up" around 7am, but the last week or so I am hearing them about 2am in the morning actually waking us up in their trees in the reserve next door to us....any thoughts about this behavior??

Made my day today. I had no idea that they had so much personality. Just like little kids playing. I love all my birds. I wish we had magpies here in TN. Thanks for sharing 🐦🐦🐦

i just love watching these cute videos, i so wish we had them here in georgia.... but i have one question??? can you please inter act with the people that post comments??? it would be nice, to have you answer questions, and help people understand about these funny birds...

we have not seen your page in a while so hello We lost one our little ones he was a bit off and then nature took over before we could do any thing the elders ended his misery and he is now over the rainbow bridge bless his little heartxxx

We use to have sooooo many of them. Then the bird flu came and 90% died. It's been 7 years now and some are showing up along with house sparrows and red, yellow wing black birds

I love watching the magpies....they are such wonderful goof balls!!!!

So funny watching him using his wing to keep him from falling over.

This one came and said hello when we were staying in the Gold Coast few weeks ago

And new babies will soon be here to start all over again. Lol

We have this family of magpies in our street they were next door singing

I love their noises, Mine are all starting their nest building I think, they nest in my yard yearly, so many this year all warbling their beautiful song

Frequently falling sideways and looking around to see who is watching? 🀣

I love how he didn't even let go of the ball the tell the other one to go away haha

Love these guys. They are adorable 😊😊 Always make me smile

I love watching them. They are better than human comedians

Now that boots has gone do you have any others who play in your garden?

Lapasrada Da. Reminds me when we fed them at yours and Dad's. Xx

I love how you leave lots of toys in the garden for Magpies to play with 😊

Paula you need to put toys out!

*friend turns around* *jumps 3 feet in the air and chases friend*

I love your videos of the magpies. Thanks for posting.

Het zijn jonge honden in een vogelpak.

David Gourlay reminds me of squawker 😊

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I love going to visit R2-D2, Baldy and Mrs.R2. I also love giving people a giggle when they walk past and see us! We're just showing the people walking past, how wonderful magpies are <3
We get quite a few curious people stopping dead in their tracks, watching the magpies sitting there with a big smile on their face (with people often taking photos πŸ˜‚) Have a look in the mirror, 20 seconds into the clip!

✴️ A little bonus I added at the end of this video - A clear example showing how to tell the difference between a male and a female Magpie (a question I get asked quite a lot!) The adult male has a white back, while the adult female has a mottled grey back/nape 😊

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I taught my grandkids to feed maggies when they came to visit ....funny thing was I would get home from work at different hours to find them at my backdoor for a feed ..I would ask my wife how long have the kids (thats what I use to call my maggies) been here ..and she wiuld tell me that tgey heard my motorbike coming and knew it was me and they will get food haha and beautiful little buggers lol ..they had tgeir own personalities ..and yes they all had names ..even bought there babys around each new season

This our McDougall family who have been visiting us for three years now.. the dad and I get along very well and the kidlets are quite boisterous while mum takes her time πŸ™‚

My Maggie family come running as soon as they see me too! Lol. The big daddy seems fearless with me now, sitting on my lap to steal the biggest piece of food I have.. lol. The others stand around like this to wait their turn! Haha. They're all part of my every day now. πŸ™‚

I see several people here feed their wild magpies but the mobile vet told me the other day not to feed mince especially. Preferably not feed them at all. What is everyone else doing? The Magpie Whisperer, your thoughts would be interesting too?

I love the songs that a coupled Male and Female magpie make. Each day I feed them I ask them to sing, and they do. What I find amazing is how the two synchronise their song. Some parts are the same, some parts one maggie pauses while the other sings, then vice, versa. Sounds really odd, when only one is present and just sings THEIR PART only as they still pause in the places their partner should sing.

He southern magpies have more white on their backs than the ones up north. I have noticed the white back evoking more pronounced in the wild. Beautiful funny birds. I have also seen a crow tease a magpies by stealing its toy and hiding it in another place. The crow then stood back and watched the Margie look for its toy. It was a top off a biro, a blue one. 🌈🌈

My grandmother fed her maggie and maggie may for 20 years and going into a home and leaving them behind broke her heart, luckily another neighbour took the baton and now looks after them. After we moved into our house we started getting visits from two friendly maggies and now we have mr and mrs who come in daily, they also recognise my car and show up as soon as I pull into the driveway.

We have a family of Magpies that often come to visit and two that were recently brave enough to just stroll into our house for a sticky beak πŸ˜†

Lovely! Just like our resident maggies πŸ˜ƒ And we also have one who sounds just like R2D2! They are such a delight. They come to the back door several times a day, in between checking out the Chook yards where they take over the breakfast dishes while the chooks stand quietly by!

So they don't come to your yard any more? I'm in a rental, been here 4 years, but I do wonder what will happen when I eventually have to move. Hopefully I can still visit my birds at the park and they will do this πŸ˜€

Fantastic, they are so beautiful, we have a family of approx ten visit and the sit on our chairs behind us on our patio, not a bit afraid they don't care about our Labrador or for that matter anything else.

The Magpie Whisperer may I share this video? I think it might lift some people's spirits. R2 etc are amazing. We too have a family who visit and I often get 'serenaded' πŸ™‚

Love this! My hubby can mimic their song, we have a family of 7 that visit daily and they always have a sing along with hubby when he's home, waiting for him at the front gate πŸ™‚

I have mr and mrs magpie who come. Mr magpie has a deformed foot and l nivk named him eddie after eddie scissor hand he would eat out of my hand. He brings his new babies for food They say they are very good with facial recognition. One day l went out to feed him but he wouldnt come near me which was strange. He keep moving his head as to be che king me out. I finally realised why he wouldnt come to me so l went inside and took my sunglasses off which l dont often wear. As soon as l walked back out he came straight to me. I love how he warbles to let me know hes there. He actually snuck inside the house once when the door was open looking for food because l was late

Thank you so much. I m obviously like some others, love them passionately. One of the first criteria for my current house is that I had to be where I could hear them daily.

In SA most of the magpies have the white/grey go further down their backs.... this was the first thing I noted on my first visit to SA

We stared off with one, now have 6 most days. Love them. One now eats out of our hands, if we are a bit slow with dinner the yodelling starts up.

I loved when they bought their little babys around ..1 because mum and dad knew it was a safe place for them ..and 2nd because tgey are the funniest little babys around with their silly little antics haha....I told my grandkids that if you feed them some meat they wont swoop gou ...and that if a mummy or daddy magpie dies tgen the other one most often wont find anotger partner grandkids love magpies and always want to give them food when tgey see one grandaughter even gave one her school lunch one day at school ..a ham sandwich

I have a family of 5 that live near me they visit me every day two or three times for their cheese they prefer that to meat they always eat the cheese first they are so cute.. I try not to get close and I don`t want anyone to hurt them

That's really a difference between male and female magpies, and not just age? That's interesting. Usually corvidae don't show any sexual dimorphism.

I hope so much that my coming internet provider will serve the possibilty to look all your videos... at the moment it's annoying trying to see a video... but soon πŸ™‚

This really put a smile on Normands face...he doesn't recognise lately...but THIS he did ..thankyou Mel

I was playing this on my verandah and i started hearing my neighbourhood Maggies singing too. Great to watch, thnx.

Thank you Magpie whisperer. You are a legend. Your magpies fill my heart with joy and maggie soulmusic. So wonderful.

That gray back is really beautiful. What a relationship you all have!!

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This is our little chat Boots and I had after arriving back home πŸ˜›

Just after I spent 2 months searching for Boots' new territory, which is a couple of kilometers away and finally finding him again, I had to leave him for 1 week!
Luckily, he was still in the same area when I went to visit him after my week away.

One of the ways I can tell the difference between all the magpies, is their warble. Each one has a unique voice (kind of like how us humans do!) which you learn to differentiate over time. As soon as I hear Boots' call, I'm 100% certain it's him and I know he's in the area <3
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LOL!! What a tongue-lashing Boots gave you! He's outa sorts with a lot of his neighbors lately. πŸ˜€ I'm SO glad you found him & that he didn't go far away to set up his own home. <3

So special. They know when we love them❀️ They definitely are capable of trying to communicate with us. I have had the experience of an orphan maggie I raised was with us for two years. The last day I saw him he came to me and had a very long conversation like he never had before. I just know now that he was saying goodbye ☺️

I have two maggies , that have been visiting me for well over a year. one was just a little fluff ball , defending and learning by himself , bigger ones use to attack him . i ran out to his aid , but they chased him after peckinh him quite badly , actually thought they had killed him , he turned up on my doorstep 2 months later and is still here. calls for me for breakfast and we also have good conversations xx

I have the same kind of friendship with a Crow, really gave me a beak lashing after a recent hospital stay! Between my 2 cats and my crow friends, they have me well trained.

Does the aggressive attitude, contribute to who is the alpha male in a group of magpies? And on any given day I'm wondering if this can change from a season to season with the same bird? Or is it hereditary..

When I watch TV series' that were filmed in Australia, I often hear the magpies in the background and wonder what they're saying.

We have three that visit on and off all day. They sing for their supper and are very gentle. One likes to eat out of hubby's hand. I have a story about one at work which is way to long to tell here. He was not happy that there was a dog where there shouldn't be and he was letting me know.

Yes like mine,i can tell the difference by there markings,and after a while you get to know there warble,i love them more than humans,❀

I love my 'free range' birds that come and go as they please...who let you know they have arrived and to get out there and be with them lol. Its always entertaining and educational... and yes, you do get to know the different birds with their warbles, its a wonderful thing. β€οΈπŸ’›πŸ’œ

Luv to hear your magpie stuff, and all about your magpie family, Boots 'n all, lol Its so wonderful what they will give you for some trust and caring, friendship etc, Love to see your posts. πŸ™‚

Have had that from the you ones when dad tells him to go sits on the table look at me and tells me he is going away get a conversation for 6 minutes have got two of your books great work

Do these birds wear watches? Fed one in the arvo. a few days ago,low and behold each day same time sitting and waiting for his treat. A little kangaroo meat.

I tell the difference with my magpies by their back feather patterns. They are all different like a finger print.

Thank you for letting us know!! I'm so happy he's ok!!

Boots - you are such a sweetheart - glad mommy found you and comes to visit you. So happy you are ok. πŸ™‚

He is so beautiful. He is definitely communicating with you! πŸ™‚

He still loves you, just don't make it so long between visits next time. πŸ˜‰

So relieved for you We are waiting for the return of our hand raised wallaby Been 4 days now

RΓ©my Guintoli j'en suis sure que le chant des corbeaux te manque dΓ©jΓ ... πŸ˜‚

Great news that you have found boots wooooooo hooooooo happy days 😊😊😊😊

When I get home my magpie always calls out aww hello and it sounds just like I'm saying it

yes ...true they all have there own warble ...nice to know you can still see him

Magpies talking conversationally with made up dialogue is my new favorite thing.

I'm the same with my Maggie's. I can hear them from so far away and I know it's them!

What a super special relationships you share with these gorgeous birds!!!❀️

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3 months ago

The Magpie Whisperer

Two years of the most amazing friendship with Boots, the wild magpie, has sadly come to a standstill.

Over 1 month ago, Boots was forced out of his territory by the alpha magpies, I haven't seen him since.
After seeing Boots day in, day out for 2 years since he was a juvenile, this has left a huge hole in my heart. But I did see it coming, it's what usually happens when they grow up and as hard as it can be, it's something I've had to learn to accept.
He's grown into such a big handsome boy. It's now his time to continue growing, by finding his own territory with his new girlfriend, Blossom. Hopefully they may even start their own family this Spring. At least I know he has Blossom looking out for him now and he's not by himself <3

I've searched high and low for him, listened out for his call I know only too well, but I haven't seen or heard 1 trace of him. This is the only disadvantage I see of becoming attached to a wild animal. BUT... I wouldn't trade it in for anything in the world! All of these precious experiences and memories, greatly outweigh the heartache of when it's time for them to leave "home" here at Magpie Manor. Look at what I'd be missing out on if I didn't allow myself to become so close!

I love and miss you Booty, and I'll never give up searching for you. Hopefully one day soon, we'll meet again my special friend <3

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Maybe he will bring his babys back to see you. That is what happened to me. But a female. When she came back her parents where terrible to her. But she did stay for a couple of days. Before it got to much. But her 2 babys stayed. And her parents are raising them along with 2 others. So i have the 2 parents. And four babes great me everycg morning. They are so naughty. And into everything.

We had a beautiful little magpie girl named "Pew" . We raised her from a tiny little baby we found on the road. Pew lived with us for 3years and when I left for university she also moved out about mths later. My mum was devastated as she thought our beautiful Pew had been killed. I got a phone call early one morning from my very excited happy mum. Our Pew had come home and brought her 2 sweet little babies to show us. Mum sat on the verandah for about 2hrs while Pew sang and mum tried to sing along in her best Magpie worrble. Mum never saw Pew again after that amazing morning, but she always thought she could hear Pew singing early in the mornings. Pew was a true little gift from the animal gods.

we had a girl we called dot the mob kicked her out BUT big surprise 12months later she came back battered and looking terrible the old family let her back in we nursed her back to good health and she is family again

What a love. I am so sorry...but I hope too he is doing wild things...I had a rescued squirrel finally disappear that I ador ed & sometime later he returned w his family teaching the babies to hang from /on my doorknob to get my attention for food...πŸ™πŸ½πŸ’™πŸ™πŸ½

I am crying right now as I look at your beautiful video and read this. I am so sorry. At least he has his girl friend with him. I hope and pray he is ok and just off doing his natural thing. Keep his memory alive and I hope he will come back to see his adopted " Mommy " - Hugs xxxx πŸ™‚

I feel heartbroken for you. Such a close friendship. We have two maggies visit who have been around for years. They breed, look after the young for a year then chase them off forever. Breaks my heart seeing them go. Sometimes if some stray into their territory they battle in the sky. We've never bonded as close as you so it would really hurt for you. πŸ’”

My girl this year has attached herself to our dog. Hope this allows her to stay around. She had an infection that affected her nerves. I didn't think she would make it but good vet advice and drugs brought her thru. When she gets chased she flies to Hank and perches on him. He barks when other magpies come close too. I guess we'll see when she becomes a full adult next year. Her warbles are heavenly.

He is beautiful. What a blessing that you have had him in your life, along with the other magpies. I fell in love with magpies the first time I visit Australia. And I tell you the truth, it's one of the things I love the most about your country! I hope to return one day soon and hear their songs and watch their antics once again.

Same with my magpie, he returned for a day with a gouge to his skull. His female partner I found dead on the road with another female. The babies attacked and chased away from my home. He waited until dark to be able to slip away undetected from the alpha pack on look out from the trees. Wish I knew he was ok. Will keep listening and searching for him.😒

I know how you feel. I feed some stray cats near home and have fed a few of them for a couple of years now. I also find forever homes for them whenever I can and it breaks my heart every time one of them goes missing, even if just for a few days. I worry about them being hungry, cold or hurt as if they were mine. I hope your Boots has flown away to an even better future. <3

Ohhh, I know how you feel. After two years, the maggies chased away my sweet Baboo - a young butcherbird with a slightly deformed foot. I was heartbroken but realised this is the way of the wild. Over a year later, much to my surprise, Baboo flew into our warehouse and perched on my table as if he had never been away! I gave him some mince treats and he introduced me to his shy mate. It filled my heart with joy knowing he survived and went on to find a mate. They flew off, never to be seen again but it was very comforting.

Sad for you. πŸ˜“I had the same strong and loving relationship with an orphan Magpie. She lived with us as a free bird to come and go as she pleased. Was part of our family for 2 years. The call of the wild was too strong in the end and we never saw her again. You have articulated my feelings about the loss very well. Thank you. They are the most incredibly affectionate and seemingly connected bird when you get close to them! It was 20 years ago and I still have to hold back a tear when I think of "maggot" Love your page Can I join?

I'm certain they think of you, you are stronger than me. I welcome my wild family in my yard, provide clean water and the safety to be wild and free. I chat with them and admire them, but I must admit I try not to learn to tell them apart. One of my visitors says 'good boy' when he tries to get my attention. Another sounds like ramblings over a CB radio. They're very special to me.

You both were so lucky cause you met once and let each other come so close.... I really and deeply envy you, dear, as you've learnt such a great and ignored thing like to get in touch to our wild instinctual inner side avoiding all constrictions and control we're used to. Hope you'll meet again, and i hope you'll fall in love again that way with another free and wonderful soul like Boot!

The lump in my throat shares the emotions you must be feeling. What a special relationship you had with that beautiful maggie ... you are lucky to have shared the time you had ... and yet equally moved by the memories and the loss of daily closeness. The world is so much larger when the understanding comes of the lives of the wildlife around us here in Australia. We all are so lucky when we take the time ... open our eyes ... and our hearts ... to the beauty living around us.

What a lovely tribute to your friendship - All these beautiful pictures and videos. I feel close to my little robin couple & their chicks but it comes nowhere near what you two had! Do you think you'll become close/attached to any of the other magpies now? A friendship just as strong perhaps?

I think he will return to you one day when he is a big and strong maybe with his own family. I believe he will always remember and recognise you. One day you'll find him waiting for you in the yard. He hasn't left . He's just making his own way in the world.

I would bet on him returning in about 18 months or so. Most of our young ones that were chased off came back with their young ones to show off. Usually just the once. Some returned permanently, but only if a gap had opened up in the territories. Was always sad to say goodbye, but lovely to get a return visit with new babies. I can tell you that it is the males who go the furthest in search of new territory. Speads the genes and prevents inbreeding, although there is a small amount of that. What is saddest of all is when the older ones disappear. If one partner dies, the other usually soon follows. It was told to me by a scientist that they are so close that they die of a broken heart. Thank goodness they live a long time, as I could not bear to lose many that way. They are so dependant on each other that the grieving partner just gives up. Only had it happen once but we could not get mum to take any food after dad died. So sad.

Thankyou for sharing this ..a similar thing happened to me with the baby of a couple that I have had here daily for 5 years. He became so tame and we loved him so much but not long after he found his singing voice he disappeared leaving such a huge hole in our garden. He did reappear for one day with another bird but was given short shift by his parent. Tough love πŸ’” I still look for him but that's not the way it works in magpie world.

We have 'Russell' whom we've befriended over 2+ years. He's nowhere near as confident as your friend, but on two occasions he went missing and I thought the worst, people here trap magpies, they are considered by some to be a pest ( if only they knew how helpful they are with insect control!). But he turned up, the second time, he's brought his family too.... We sure miss him but now know that he's doing his own thing and visits when hungry...or for a shower in the summertime, when we've not had rain for a while...just assuming he's a he!

He may come back, but be reassured, he will remember you. They have amazing memories and are so clever. I lost my male magpie, who I had been feeding for seven years last spring when about 15 juveniles moved in. He was hit by a car trying to defend his territory. His partner moved about 500 metres down the road and she is always overjoyed to see me when I walk through her new territory.

I feel ur heart , I'm experiencing the same thing . I thort my Fennel was finally gone hadn't seen him for a few weeks . I was glad and sad ! 2 days ago he visited . Sang a song , ate some food and left So beautiful , they take a piece of ur heart . Thanks for showcasing a wonderful and special friendship .

It's what the Adamsons went through with Elsa, & later George Adamson & Tony Fitzjohn with Christian & many other lions they rehabilitated back into the wild - a rare thing indeed, & achieved by only them. When we love a wild animal, that's how it is. You were blessed to have such a relationship with a magpie. Rest assured he will not forget you, nor you him <3

Hi, I love the Magpie Whisper posts and the fabulous photos. It has certainly raised awareness of the wonderful qualities of this species. For many people though, a way to tempt them into their lives is through food, most often human food. If you do feed wild birds, please read the following link and consider the impact of food choices on wildlife. Also contact your local wildlife rescue service for advice and tips. The best thing you can do to attract wildlife into your life is to plant appropriate plants and trees, mulch the garden and have a constant supply of fresh water, preferably in the shade.

I was so sorry to read about boots, i have followed your page and i have loved reading about all the antics he and the other magpies get up to and having a family of wild magpies myself and having had one put to sleep and others leaving their territory i can 100% sympathize with the way you are feeling, i pray that beautiful boots will find his way back to you somehow, it is such a privilege to have these beautiful wild birds befriend and trust us, please keep sharing your wonderful videos with us and know that for a while you had the privilege of sharing your life with boots. ❀

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3 months ago

The Magpie Whisperer

As promised, here's the video of R2-D2, Baldy & Mrs.R2 warbling and talking on my car <3
Not only can Magpies recognise faces, they seem to be able to also recognize my car! They spot my car from the end of the road and know it's me! They usually come flying down from the treetops to meet me in our special 'meeting spot' and serenade me 😊

P.S - Check out our book, The Magpie Whisperer. We have a limited-time special 😊

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My maggies absolutely recognise me and my husband and son. Without a doubt, they are talking to us when they warble so beautifully. Mr Magpie comes in the back door and goes over to the fridge where I keep their beef mince. If we accidentally leave the door open and are reading in bed in the morning (retired!!!) he comes through the house and sings at the bedroom door - get up and get my breakfast, please!

Lol it does sound like R2D2 lol Yes my local maggies recognise my car too and they sometimes fly along side it as it comes into my estate and follow me to me driveway , they somehow conveniently know when I've done groceries and tend to do it then, then try to follow me into the house the With shopping bags! Lol

Thanks for sharing - I have missed your sweet musical and playful posts. It has been a while. Over here in the States - Washington State to be exact - I feed my backyard birdies - go thru 10 lbs of wild bird seed per week, but we sure don't have these beautiful magpies. But, we have beautiful blue jays, gold finches, robins, sparrows, mourning doves, red finches, rufus sided twoweeds ( these are the cutest - they flit with their tiny feet all over the patio ). I just enjoy our little wild life - oh yes, the squirrels and the stray kitties too πŸ™‚

Our Magpies are the same! They spot our car from a few blocks away from home and are waiting on the deck as we come up the steps! They are AMAZING....we love them. πŸ™‚ Cool video!

I got a morning serenade from about 20 magpies as I walked my liddle dawggie last week! They all flew down into position from all over the park to either perch on a fence or a little embankment at the park and we walked through singing to us. An amazing beautiful moment. After we had walked through they all flew back to their positions in the park. I always say hello to them and compliment them on their beautiful singing. I've taught my dog not to chase them too so they knew he wasn't going to disturb them, some were only about five feet away.

A lady I work with feeds a couple of magpies. Rhonda and Katut, and she will park her car some way away from work and they will be waiting for her by the time she gets out of the car. they then fly or walk with her to work and insist that she hurry up and feed them. She has also been walking around the street and Rhonda flies down, scaring all the ordinary people who think she is swooping them, and walks along the footpath with Jenny. When she goes on holiday they will often not bother coming to the back door even though we will feed them for her.

An interesting factoid (related to me by a friend) - In World of Warcraft, they use the voices of magpies through certain woods to make it sound more 'creepy' to those who aren't familiar with our Australian bird. My friend just takes her character for a walk through those same woods because she finds it comforting... πŸ˜…

Omg there are more then just us who have Magpies as wild pets. Ours have names. 1 was really thin when we met him. He follows Phil around daily walking behind him. Flys into shed and if being picked on under his seat. That Maggie looks for Phil even flys in through window or walks in through door of house and right past me to find Phil. They sit on fence outside bathroom and sing to him while in shower. Know his truck and fly beside him up the street and land on roof rack.

I moved nearly 2 months ago and miss mine of over 10 years now, but that's the sad part of renting and been booted out just when your mothers inheritance comes alive and you can finally buy a house where there are some amazing maggies here that are coming for a feed (and the currawongs) It's nice to have a new family but i do miss my others, i was even trying to explain it to them how i wished i could take them with me too :(. it didn't matter i would of only had 6 months or so left where i was so thankyou my mother the biggest Magpie carer in Brisbane and she will be forever missed by all souls. I'm not going to leave these new friends in a hurry (BTW my old ones used to see me 5 streets away in my car and see the car then fly and meet me at home)

they definitely recognise cars and people! I used to walk home from work and would be "welcomed" by a magpie who was waiting for his daily meal of mince. he'd spot me from miles!

I'm missing my magpie generations of family after our move. We used to fill their swimming pool ( a stainless steel container) every morning and they'd arrive for their bath like clockwork, taking turns at it in an organised manner. Then they'd line up on the porch railing to give us a serenade. Also liked to play games pinching pegs from the basket and bringing them to the back deck and think it was clever. They never swooped on us. I believe they recognise people. I only hope the new residents are magpie friendly people.

my story is years ago my daughter had a horse on agistment one day I went out and a magpie was caught up in the fence I rescued "him" and he flew away - then every time I went out he would appear out of nowhere and say hello when my daughter went out nothing - then one day she went out in my car and there he was - obviously knew the sound or look of my car I would sometimes give him a bit of bread not always so he came to say hello, not for the treat this went on for years until the horse had to leave that paddock.

My years that I lived downunder was wonderful! Had maggies that came and stayed (always had mince meat for them) and loved when they brought their young ones! Even taught one to say a few things and that was caught on by the chick! Miss those maggies as I am back in the states after 7 wonderful years in Australia and back on Galveston Island, TX. Australia will always have a big piece of my heart. And yes... they knew us and our vehicle as well. πŸ™‚

Apparently they are also one of only a handful on animals that can also recognise themselves in a reflection which is very cool I think ☺️

About 4 years ago we fed a family of maggies, then we did the same the next year when the babies had babies but then we got another dog who is not fond of birds in her yard...Anyway, we say hello to all the maggies we see around our area as we believe they know who we are & we never get swooped!

They are funny birds....arrogant little buggers sometimes... we have a family at our model aircraft club and they walk around on the runway when ever they feel and will not move even when something is boring down on them!

There are truly blessed by the hand of god people, i think and believe animals know who has been touched, and you are touched by magpie angels, i love what you do for them...

Ours know us and have been coming for years with their new babies. They tap on our windows for attention and sing and warble beautifully. We know them and recognise their individual personalities. We truly appreciate the joyful contact we have with them. I am sure everyone else in our area think they are their personal birds also -they watch from trees and houses afar and arrive as soon as they see us.

Thoroughly agree.. magpies come into our yard for some morning mince. Then bring their family. They warble each morning early to wake us and are such mimics. I have about 14 come in and "talk" to me. Just love their characters.

My mum had a bond with generations of maggies. One very cold wet windy winter we noticed a nest and one of the parents with a broken off lower beak. We kept the nest and them fed with cat food in an ice cream Bucket in the fence ( and our nine cats locked up). Result- all chicks survived and each new generation was presented to mum. They'd sing and call until she came out as they'd all ( around 20) at one point sang on the clothesline . Really eye opening and lovely to see. She would converse and they'd pause and then answer. Me and my son however are dive bombed pretty regularly . Different suburbs and even states!

We have roughly 50 in our backyard and feed them by hand. Def wake us up with there singing which is beautiful and for the breakfast. Adore and love them to pieces. Such gorgeous birds they are. Word of advice feed them oatmeal when it's cold they love it as its soft food and for a treat potato chips they looooove pecking at πŸ˜€

Sounds like my babies here. I have 6. 4 little ones + there is another group, which comes down our street & they get chased by the adults. You know they can talk if you talk to them for awhile. They love music & sing/warble their own songs.

Omg thought I was the only one with this story my lot around 30 of them would I think ??πŸ€” hear my old van come up my street they'd latterly fly towards me and done would perch on top of roof racks and take a short ride on top lol !! Very smart feathered souls

Our Maggie's and Currawongs come and tap the window every morning for their mince. They are getting curious about the cat flap and have opened it a few times as well.

We had a family of maggies at our holiday house years ago and as soon as we pulled in the drive they we o the back lawn signing to us and would follow us in the house, knowing I brought them mince to eat.. Cheeky beggers. We had one that came in and checked out my husband cereal bowl on the kitchen table quite often seeing if it was worth a look at.

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4 months ago

The Magpie Whisperer

Best friends, Whiskers & Tailor <3

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I had bird surround sound watching maggies were outside making their maggies noises when I clicked play, and stopped when it finished...spooky lol

The expressions are priceless

Let's hold claws. <3

I might stick with these guys after last night's footy game.

See how playful Maggies can be Josh Soderman, just like the two at the track on Thursday!!

They look so cute and happy, just chilling there

Claudia Allan this is the lady I was talking about in the park πŸ™‚

The first time I saw this behaviour I thought it was murder! Definately not fun1

What always blows me away is how safe the bird must feel to lie on it's side or back.

Still feeding Ng mum and dad plus last years three bubs very near day the terrors?

They are beautiful, my maggie boy was scared away by his Dad.

I wish we had Magpies here in Florida

Danny Foxell, I love these birds ❀

how sweet this is!!!


good to see you again love your page

They just make me happy 😊😊😊😊

Love magpies

When a Whiskers love a Tailor ........ ❀🌹🐣

holding hands, i mean feet, claws?

Love them holding footsies together

Pull the other leg, it plays peck your eye out!

BFF forever by the looks of it ...

love these birds, just priceless their actions.

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4 months ago

The Magpie Whisperer

Richard & Pip <3

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Absolutely delightful...I have always adored magpies & their little watching your clips highlighting how scrumptious they are to watch...thank you.

I'v never seen anything play like these cuties do! Those feet and legs in the air are so adorable!!!

Oh I love to see your beautiful friends playing. They must bring you so much joy to be around. Their antics are hilarious. The safe haven you have provided for them to play and explore while free is beyond awesome!!

Awwwweee jeez almost Kim Kim Hamilton, I actually just walked over the park across the road with a big lump of mince meat and eight of them chased me,I looked like a lunatic!!!!

Becky Erga The first bird I heard when I arrived in Australia! I couldn't believe those lovely sounds were from a magpie. A little more musical than the Canadian ones!

I tell you what, Sarah Anne Jarvinen, even if your house looks like a mess:....because of these-----now these birds are a huge gift, and nothing can take away these experiences, personally, I would easily drop the housework to a minimum, cause it is a lifetime- lasting- place of happiness greetings from Germany

oh i love magpies there such funny little things have a family that have hatched out there babies at our place for years love there song every morning & arvo

I have been getting little gifts left on my door mat, bits of grass, sticks, broken pegs, bottle tops and lots of other things does anyone else get them?

I will never get used to seeing these birds laying on the ground with feet in the air - and how they play with their feet. Such wonderful birds!!!

how cute is that! They just love your backyard! Lucky birds to have you and you to have them, so wonderful to watch all of this from the comfort of home, thank you for bringing a smile to my face every time I see a video, your magpies are super adorable

walk my dogs every day the maggies stand near by dont even fly off and when it maggie season they have facial reconition don't swoop myself or dogs but seen some boys on the oval near me and they went the boys no one harmed.

They are SOOO funny!!! so much trust...thank you for these vids...they make my day! =)

bahahhaha!!! look at him just laying there with his legs straight up.

Reece This is why I heart them. Always playing and getting up to mischief

Not often you find birds on their back Josh Soderman, but they're playful, mischievous birds!

Myriah Esse so cheeky! These are native AU birds, they're very mischievous & vocal

I wonder if their increased leisure time (from feeding) will lead to accelerated evolution?

Love my maggies. Every year they come back with new young. Some survive some dont. Always love watching.

Nellie Jones - this page is a nice connection to home :]

Thanks for posting-I love these and always brighten my day x

They play just like my dogs do on their backs, pawing at each other, I love it!

That's how my magpies play. I thought they were fighting at first but then saw what fun they were having!

Just ❀ them Such beautiful and intelligent creatures!! Watching your videos always puts a smile on my face

omg these guys are adorable....silly, cheeky it...thanks for sharing!

Your videos delight my heart. Thank you for your care of these beautiful birds and for sharing them.

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5 months ago

The Magpie Whisperer

My best friend, Boots
I'm usually quite self-conscious about my big boofhead being in videos πŸ˜› But I wanted to share this beautiful moment I captured with Boots yesterday.

Not to forget, Boots is completely wild. He hasn't been hand raised, he's not kept as a pet. This level of trust was earned by spending LOTS of time together! We've been the best of friends for almost 2 years now <3

You can learn more about us on our website 😊 -
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My best friend, Boots

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The bird is wonderful, and the young woman mustn't forget how lovely she is too. No selfie putdowns πŸ™‚ makes magpies unhappy..

You are so beautiful inside and out judging by your precious videos. Boots is just adorable and you can tell that you two are best of friends. Thank you for loving your little birdies and giving them a safe back yard to stay in before they fly off on their adventures πŸ™‚

years ago now, l found this Australian Raven on a busy road, had to wait until there was a break in the traffic to dash out and get him, took him home cleaned him up, he was heat exhausted and had grazes from being clipped by a car , he let me handle him, clean his wounds, he knew l was helping him, he sat on my arm for a photo, which l felt blessed to have had such a magnificent bird so close and after an hour he was looking better so l took him back to where his mate was waiting and he flew off. .

Just beautiful, I am not quite at that stage with Maggie yet but the good news is he has invited a friend to join him in the household.Yes , the trust is amazing and visitors cannot believe a wild bird could be so gentle and trusting and fill the home with songs.

My own magpies have been coming for four years (plus babies each year) but they don't sit on me for this long! Just the occasional time they climb on my knee. What a magical sight this is xx

So heartwarming! My magpie friends, Papa Bent-Tail and Mumma come when called by me and sometimes depending on their mood and our cats being inside, will eat from my hand! I love them, they are beautiful intelligent creatures! Keep up your good work! They are a joy to have around!

What a fantastic relationship. We were watching a movie set in Australia last night and heard magpies in the background. Thanks to you I recognized them.

when I look at the 7 wild magpies who visit my space- i often feel that they crave a kiss and cuddle... as they inch closer and generally try to be more proximate as i do garden stuff... this is lovely

We have seen this little one from a chick in his/her nest. His/her Mum left a couple of weeks ago. He walks in our house when looking for food. Can anyone confirm if it's a girl/boy.

He's not completely wild, but being such an intelligent bird they are very selective about their human company. My local magpie clan do come to demand a feed. I don't get too close to them but put it out for them to enjoy above my cats & dog so they're not bothered. Of course, they take the dog's food & tease him on purpose! Such clever birds. My only concern with them is they fly low over roads laterally across the road. It always makes my heart ache to see dead magpies. We all need to slow down when driving. I love seeing them with bugs in their beaks, feeding naturally.

Beautiful video! To earn the trust of a wild bird takes a beautiful spirit. You are as lovely on the inside as you are on the outside. I always believe that animals see the true beauty of a person!

Samantha Peters...I love this sight ! It's absolutely beautiful !!! The sounds of communication the magpies make is just lovely & happy !!!! 😍😍😍

Got a bunch of magpies too. But, the 'junior' is a mystery. Looks like a magpie physically except the back plumage is grey and in circles. Any comments on this? The parents who it hangs around with disowned it. Makes a 'bae' sound when the big male is around. Your magpie looks familiar. We had one a couple of years back named Fat. One day he disappeared in the middle of the breeding season. Thought he got removed by the rangers and relocated. Puffed himself up into a 25 cm round black ball.

Boofhead? What is that? All I know is, if my friend Amy Geppetto Green lived down there, she would be doing the same thing. She's a lovely lady who has great relationships with pigeons in Massachusetts. πŸ’š

You've got a gorgeous buff head and boots is pretty cute too. He seems to love your affection. Always good reading the comments here too. Lots of genuine magpie lovers πŸ™‚

What an amazing, special bond you have with this beautiful bird. You are wonderful, kind hearted person. The birds obviously know this about you since you have achieved such a level of trust with them. I really enjoyed learning more about you and your lovely friends. πŸ–€

That is really amazing. It takes a lot of trust to do that with a beak that can peck your eyes. I used to have hand-raised Senegal parrots. It takes a lot of trust to let them sit on your shoulder so close to your face. It's true love and respect πŸ™‚ Beautiful πŸ™‚

Do you think magpie-induced deafness could become a thing? When your bird bestie decides to warble at full throttle when perched next to your ear. πŸ˜‰

What a cutie. He has lots to say about the kissing too. I would be proud to have him as my friend. I have a few crows here in Alberta that know me now. Sometimes in winter, I can tell they are beginning to starve, so I feed them the leftover cat food that my cat has crunched down to little dots. They love it, and they call out to their friends and family to come by for a meal. One time, after I fed them, I guess they were waiting for me to come out of the house. When I did, the family did a fly by in a loose formation. I was honored. I am pretty sure it was a thank you. They are so smart.

I have had a "rescue" magpie for three years and she still bites me! Sometimes she is lovely and gentle and other times she could bite my hand off!!! I tried letting her out of the cage last week, she flew off and I didn't see her for two days, was so worried, thought she was dead and she turned up at my sisters in laws place starving, scared and exhausted!! I had to lock her up again as she obviously has no idea how to look after herself in the wild! I would love to let her out if only she would stay around our place so I could continue to feed her! If anyone out there knows of a sanctuary that would take her and look after her properly please advise me !

Absolutely beautiful. I taught my wife when we where living in the country to befriend the Magpies that lived close to home. She had a local Magpie mother bring her young to my wife to get to help feed and baby sit the young especially when the mum wanted to have a break and bathe in the pedestal birdbath. My wife would alway say to the family of magpies to sing for their supper and they always did. Truly one of the most beautiful bird calls we hear in the Australian outdoors. Please keep sharing your beautiful backyard Magpie wonderland.

In my teens we moved into this new place and it had quite a bit of yard that needed tidying up. In the process we created a fairly big pile of rubbish destined for the tip. One day I came outside to find a magpie trying to pull some chicken wire out of the pile. I went and got some pliers and cut of about a 15cm square piece of the chicken wire and dropped it on the ground. I remember the magpie looking at me, then hopping over, picking it up and flying off with it. An hour later he or she was back there again trying to pull more out. I cut off another square and this time dropped it near my feet. The magpie came over, picked it up and flew off with it. I wandered out the front of the house to try and find where all this reinforcing was going. As I'm looking up into the gum trees a wire coat-hanger fell out of the sky and almost hit my on the head, closely followed by the magpie. I just stood still, and the owner-builder picked it up from my feet and took off. About three weeks later I'm sitting at the breakfast table eating my cereal when I hear a magpie singing right beside me. He had wandered in the often-open front door and had landed on the other bench seat. From then on I would see him in my room, in the shed, all over the place. I'm going to try and find a picture of him sitting beside me whilst I worked on uni assignments on the computer. Magpies are amazing, beautiful, intelligent animals, and can be quite friendly once they trust you. Your site often reminds me of that magpie and his/her family (first there was one, then two, then three more babies, and although the adults would come inside the house the chicks were never allowed it).

Amazing trust and love between the both of you! Thank you for sharing such an awesome moment! Animals know who is pure of heart!

I used to have wild maggies come into my yard everyday and they were all friendly. 2 in particular were just like boots - I could walk around with them on my shoulder or arm. They are the most amazing birds.

Darling don't be ridiculous, you're lovely. Beautiful and intelligent magpies pick the prettiest girls! Your videos bring such delight to a hard old world, bless you and your sweet little friends.

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5 months ago

The Magpie Whisperer

The youngsters enjoying their new bathtub <3 ... See MoreSee Less

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We had awful heat yesterday - 47C. In the morning, I put out extra containers of water, in addition to the birdbath for our feathered friends. Just a few minutes of my time helped them through a miserable day. Even the wallabies came in for a drink! I sat not far away and watched maggies, butcherbirds, noisy friarbirds, willy, finches and fairy wrens drink and trade stories at the birdbath.

After feeding them for 40 years, this year is the first year that i have 5 babies - 4 from 2016 & one from the year before. They all come inside, sit on my knee etc - wonderful company !

I dont think they mind the rubber duck, I have notised that my crow likes to put toys in the water before bathing in it ❀️ theyre are really facinating and playful ❀️

That one on the right pulled the other one's ear!! They are so funny and naughty!!

Toooo much! The ducky just gets Butted around πŸ™‚ Such smart funny birds. I see similarities with mockingbirds, who are also smart, funny, and fearlless..and make amazing pets when you have to rescue them. Mine wouldn't fly away from the house for almost a year...zooming out of the trees to land on my shoulder, and treat me to the details of his day with nonstop chat. Loved him so much. One day he found a lady bird more important than me πŸ™‚ Tks David

I could watch this all day. We have a bowl of water for our backyard Maggies, but I think I'll buy a bigger one now, oh and a rubber Duckie too!

Ever since i started feeding magpies about 10 yrs ago and enjoy their company i've never been swooped ever again! It's like they all know i like magpies! Before that time i hated magpies and was scared of them.

Looks like you need 3 tubs...they don't want to share lol

We had our hottest Feb day in 50 years, 46-47c. Put the sprinkler under the trees near the bird bath for our chooks & had every bird type for miles hanging out for the day, was great to see.

I love these birds! They are so funny and playful! I live in the us we have a different kind of magpie. But I've never seen one. I don't know if ours plays like these. ?

Faith Strube maybe you need to install a special water tub for the magpies to get them back in your life - right next to a plate of mince πŸ˜›

They crack me up! I still don't know how you get anything accomplished, I'd be bird watching all day. Lol!!

nature's entertainment; nothing better! Thank you for sharing!

Theyre so funny πŸ˜†πŸ‘ when they argue about things, just love they got the intelligent mentality of almost human like 😍

Your birds give me so much joy when i watch them on your so funny and so would luv these birds to visit my spaceπŸ•ŠπŸ•ŠπŸ•Š

Rheemi Taylor per our convo... I would be a Magpie, they were all over Australia and loud/vocal and playful and beautiful!

Elle Deigh this is what I was telling you about yesterday

Helen Trewhella an idea for you....if you haven't given your boys this already....

Have only seen Magpie's at the Zoo ~ Greetings from Pa.

"Rubber Ducky you're the one, you make bath time so much fun..."

I'm thinking a bigger bath... Or maybe three baths. I love these gorgeous little birds. Such characters.

Three of our Maggies having a conference with my 3 year old πŸ˜‚

They are so funny, baby Magpies especially

Deb Kinchloe, I think you would like to follow The Magpie Whisperer.

I love magpies, they are smart and friendly and can work out who lives in a house so that they can greet them.

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6 months ago

The Magpie Whisperer

My best friends <3 One of my most favourite videos of them.

The Magpie Whisperer
We all have our own "happy place"... this is my happy place <3
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The Magpie Whisperer

Comment on Facebook

I just played this while sitting on my balcony with my wild set them all off at the one time πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Then they all stopped and looked around as if to say "where did that come from" was hilarious!

I love magpies....this is our little lady playing with my grandson ....she just walks through the house looking for things to play with

I've got my own little tribe now!! So excited! They're building a lake and park across the road and there's not much in this area yet, I was really missing my birds. These lot came along and they brighten my day! They do wait patiently for a bit of mince every day, but they scout around on the work site too, and play with the bunting hanging upside down like yours do!!!

I'm trying to make my yard inviting to my magpies. Toys garden ornaments out the front . I have 10 visiting me now . Each year they bring their new ones. I have one male that feed out of my hand .

I am one of your followers from Winter Haven, Florida, USA. I LOVE your babies and if you don't mind I'm going to share you. We need all the love we can get right now.

I love Magpies and my friends are at a loss to understand why. I claim they've got an unjustified bad reputation. My grandpa used to have a local magpie at his place who he named Jacko. Jacko used to fly down and hang out while Pa did his gardening....I'd suspect to get the earth worms that pa had dug up turning the soil. He would also just fly down and chill out while Pa sat and read the paper in the sun. Next year Jacko rocked up and was singing to Pa. He then sung up the tree and called down two others. One was a baby and the other an adult. I think Jacko was introducing his family to Pa for his approval.

I'm so jealous - I have a family of 4 Maggies visit our backyard. The older female (?) is alot more confident. Even though I've been feeding them for years they're still don't come close.

I love these birds, they are hysterical to watch when they are on the ground playing with each other. I wish we had them in Tennessee.

Amazing! I love your posts and Magpies! Many years ago I had one visit me regularly. She even came into my kitchen one day to introduce me to her baby. I haven't seen her for a while now 😞 I was wondering if you wouldn't mind sharing how you built such a wonderful relationship with the Magpies as I would like to befriend the other Magpies in my area. πŸ™‚

That you for being brutally honest and sharing your wonderful story - I have a few around us but they don't visit our garden - yet - I'm going to work in that - love your posts πŸ’–

Where I lived till last OCTOBER I had a family that had there babaies in the pine tree out the front for the last 3 years and every year when the baby was big enough they would bring the young ones down to get to know me and I would feed them some steak and cheese I miss them having moved... but now I found a new family where I live and they wait for food every morning and make a hell of a noise if I don't feed them I sometimes don't feed them I don't want them to become reliant on me

I used to have a wild maggie who turned up every year with her new baby and would eat from my hand. I could give her our special whistle and she would turn up in a few minutes. It was magical!

Here in Norway we have birds that looks like this and that everyone hates:(. They are loud,naughty and makes a awful sound but I love them!! We had one visiting us at our balcony but had to stop. To risky with a cat and a dog. What people dont pay attension to is that they make the lovliest and sweetest sounds when they are talking to eachother face to face. Like not far away from eachother. Then they sound like angels😍. I just love them❀️

Shani White ☺ I used to have a large family group visit me daily. As time went on my tiny yard became morning creche before the whole family gathered for afternoon tea. Tbey could recognize me blocks from home and the braver ones would still run up to me just incase I had a treat. Family loyal little comedians πŸ˜†

From the first spring we lived here. The nest is just outside our bedroom window and this was the first flight I'd seen them make. There were 3 chicks that season, sadly only one reached adult hood.

Warn a fellow next time, I had headphones in lol. That's just amazing, you are truly the magpie whisperer πŸ˜πŸ˜„ my partner has been feeding the local birds lately and a family of magpies came for a visit one afternoon. I really hope they come back

I remember visiting my great- grandparents several time and being fascinated by one of their friends, an intellectually disabled woman. She was great mates with a magpie and they spent hour after hour hanging together. She would make things with twigs Maggie would bring her. They would both scratch in the dirt, and talk to each other. I thought this friendship was amazing. Many years later, my Dad had a friend, Rusty the rooster. When Dad was working in his shed, Rusty, from a couple of doors down, would come in, prop on a chair, cock his head and watch Dad work. Taciturn Dad, loved his companion, and was devastated when Rusty was killed by dogs next door. All sorts of birds can be great companions.

When I was a boy one was found our pour he with damaged wing. My Brother found it & my father fixed it a cage to stay in & wrapped it's wing? When it became better he told us we had to let CoCo go he was wild & needed to be free. That's right we named it, peted & fed it. We left that house 8 years later & he still came around from spring until fall. Always spend some time with us on the porch & let us feed him. Couse never seen him after the move but when I see them they are always a special place in my heart because many animals repay an act of kindness to us by retuning much love & most important keep that heart of love for them in our hearts for ever & that gift of innocents as a child remains forever too!

Just love it xxx ours are coming closer, just want to make sure we are feeding them right, believe Kangaroo mince has very little Fat, & would even consider buying Meal Worms occasionally if it meant having a Family like you have made at home. XXX

This is beautifully uplifting.@ our previous residence...we also had a delightful family that used to visit every year...with their young..we did feed them right up on our back verandah...we would be constantly entertained by their antics... Alas..

Years ago i found an injured young magpie , took it home and fed it on mince meat, eventually it healed up got stronger and flew away, then he kept coming back for food. One day it never returned, so i was hoping that he or she found a partner and had a family.

Made my day, thank you. I live in Far North Queensland and miss the magpies of southern Australia. I have lots of native birds around me but the magpie is iconic to me.

I've only got three,and not that tame.Will have to try that Sam.See what had a large mirror in front of them years ago.Very funny.Kept looking around the corner of it.

Love magpies. I do help them a little with some mince. They bring their babies in to see us. Sing for us which I love. I live in QLD and magpies here are smaller than down south. But still beautiful.

Love my magpies...I feed them mince when the young ones screaming for food. I love listening to them sing and play in the sprinkler!

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6 months ago

The Magpie Whisperer

You can't get anymore Aussie than this!

A couple of my favourite magpies, R2-D2 & Tiny Tim <3

The Magpie Whisperer
R2-D2 & Tiny Tim, warbling Happy Australia Day!
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The Magpie Whisperer

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Best rendition of the national anthem I've ever heard! πŸ™‚ Happy Australia Day!

All respects to my fellow country folk on this Invasion Day of solemn reflection denoted Australia Day in 1935 if i recall correctly. I grew up on Aboriginal land, in the beautiful "Blue Mountains" at Bullaburra. Such inspiration.

Had to share this for my American and Canadian friends. This is the birdsong of the morning where we live. When I lived in North Queensland I missed this song.

That is beautiful.. Hope you don't mind, I have shard as cant think of a better message to post for Australia Day.. Hope Tiny Tim is safe and well wherever he is πŸ™‚

We are lucky that we have a park next door with a tribe of Magpies, also Crows, Wattle Birds, Willy Wagtails, parrots, cockatoos, doves. They all have their days to make music.

This is an Australia Day I can smile with Thanks Magpie Whisperer for your wonderful contributions to a better world

This actually gave me goosebumps! Such a joyful sound. I wish there were more magpies around where I live rather than those wretched pigeons!

Just so adorable - just so sad, tho, about Tiny Tim - I hope and pray he is ok - poor little guy πŸ™‚

Love the magpies, have a family who nest every year in my tree, same nest every year Branch fell down in a storm this year (babies were grown thankfully) so hopefully they'll come bacm

We had a magpie put on an early morning concert in the bandstand at Maldon Park this morning. I'm sure she knew she was in a concert space, stood singing her heart out for ages. Wonderful!

I have a family of Magpies which flie in twice a day for food.They warble at my back door in the morning and in the afternoon.Mum and Dad and three kids.They are so beautiful and i love their song.Sometimes the babies sit in the apple tree and talk to each other for hours.Eventually the young ones will go out on their own and it will be just Mum and Dad until next breeding season when they bring down the new children to introduce them and get extra food for them.Most amazing and intelligent birds.

Thank you ..needed the joy ...these birds are wonderful...from a Canadian who is stuck in the South of the US in this time of trump. Very difficult!!

Magpies pick a house to claim as their territory. Our magpies and their ancestors have been tenants since old Gordon (Sr) lived at Ann St. Since 1987 or so!

Happy Australia Day everyone, and what is more Australian than the sounds of Magpies warbling a welcome to the new day!πŸ‡¦πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί

This is the best, love your site & just had to share for Australia Day.❀

I had never heard anything like that in my life!! Yes I miss them!!

great sounds of the bush .& oz backyards ..sharing 'em .

My dad had a pet magpie. Long long time ago, but he and his brothers taught it to talk.

So gorgeous. I so hope Tiny Tim is safe. Poor wee thing.

I saw those black and white birds when I was in Oz and wondered what they were.

We've given that name to maggies over the years too! So fitting! ☺

gorgeous, especially now that I don't live in Australia anymore

The most beautiful sound in the world. Love the song of the magpies anytime

This is the best ...I have a family of five who came in this morning as they do and sang Happy Australia Day😊

This was the sound I woke to each morning and remember vividly when I first arrived in Australia. Beautiful - Happy Australia Day! πŸ‡¦πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί

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6 months ago

The Magpie Whisperer

Stop, drop n' roll πŸ˜› ... See MoreSee Less

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I wonder if when they meet another new magpie friend they say " OMG you have to come to our playground it's fantastic fun and we get all sorts of toys to play with and a lady films us and we are really famous and and and and oh you just got to come"πŸ™ƒ

I guess it's a good thing I don't have any Magpies. I would never get anything done but sit and watch them play.

I love it that you have taken the time to develop your relationship with these amazing birds (all birds are amazing!). I've had rescued birds for over 30 years and our relationships have been amazing, except one who was so abused in his past that he never trusted anyone. He did have a good life here, though, and lived to be 29 years old -- quite old for a cockatiel. It is delightful to see how much personality and cleverness these wild birds have -- thank you for the pleasure. πŸ™‚

We have 2 pairs that bring their babies down to us every year. The parents bring their babies to our back door and teach how to beg for food.

Samantha Peters you have to watch these sweeties ! They are in Australia. I just LOVE their vocals !!!! It makes me happy !!! This lady loves them & has set up a playground for them in her back yard ! Adorable !

You are one lucky lady!! The laughs you must have watching these beautiful birds! I love magpies they are so misunderstood. My mum has magpies come into her place daily. They tap on the sliding door and whistle out to her if she doesn't hear them. Mum has her special bowel in the fridge with their meat to feed them. They are wild magpies but are so friendly to mum and the grandkids. Even bringing in their young when not well so mum can mend them. A friend for life!

We have had the same family of maggies come to out door for nearly 10 years. A mating pair called Half Beak and One Eye (for obvious reasons). They have introduced their young to us every season. They even sit on my lap. Interesting as in all the years they have just bred a male for the first time - all the previous (about 15 in total) young being female. Half beak is the best mimic. He can do all other birds and even does a wonderful dog barking and even does frogs croaking.

OMG I just love these beautiful Maggies, I could watch them all day they always make me smile and remember the good times of my childhood in the bush with my grandmother & grandfather, they had one as a pet and he could talk and swear like a sailor, he was in charge of the garden and if you went in his domain LOOK πŸ‘€ out !!!

With all the constant turmoil around us, this is the beauty and joy we need to see ❀️ Thank you and your Maggie crew for providing this to us xxx

We love our maggies, they are so entertaining....they also like barbies hair!!!! We have had a family for years, we feed them, every year they have 1 or 2 babies and they come when I whistle........lovely characters ......πŸ’•

We finally have a family of maggies at our new house! Last night we watched them playing on the bunting around the construction across the road, hanging upside down!!!

Yesterday i had a magpie walk up to my screen door to say hi. So i took some raw meat out him and his 2 mates. Before you know it im in the backyard with rawmeat on each fencepost with about 5 magpies and a kookaburra. Loved it. Their sound is so beautiful.

They're adorable clowns! Just curious ... Is their vocalization in the vid the noise they made while filming them, or is it 'canned' noise you put in? I ask cuz it seems the same in most of your vids.

Thanks - it seems like it has been a long time since I have seen one of your adorable videos - love them - makes me so happy πŸ™‚

Omg. Love it. I have to share this. Were I live so many people just see Maggies as a annoyance. Hopefully this will change their minds.

How did you get them playing. Ive had one try balancing on a tennis ball but would love to have other ideas on how to get them all playing

Oh, I wish I lived where I could have birds like this visit my backyard.

I love these guys! And I love the fact that out of all my fellow wildlife carers, you are the only ones with green lawn!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Thank you. Love, I alreday purchsed your online- book, ---and: read it.........I am sending you warm greetings, and I will never forget this story and the birds anymore!!!

They are just magical to watch. Just what I need this year.....

Hehe, I love them so much ❀️ You guys do an amazing job, thank you x

Lisa maybe you should put out some toys for the Magpies who live at your place πŸ˜ƒ

Eloise Short this page will show your the charm & cheekiness of this beautiful bird.

I think I may have just found your new favourite page Anna Catz 😊

Cai Rose show mum the silly magpies doing somersaults πŸ˜†

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6 months ago

The Magpie Whisperer

Even a simple toy such as bark, can make a great game to them ^_^ ... See MoreSee Less

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I'm pretty sure I've said this before...but HOW IN THE WORLD do you ever get anything done? I'd be completely immersed all day long. Thank you!

I love your video's! Thank you so much for sharing! I am moving to a place in the United States where Magpies live. Do you have any advice on how I can attract them to come play in my yard?

This years magpie baby (asleep on our deck here) plays like this in our yard with last years baby magpie. Sadly mum magpie died recently, dad is still around but unsure what will happen now family wise. Do male magpies move onto another female bird?

When I walk down the street where I used to live I swear the magpies remember me. I used to feed them and talk to them and the lady who bought my house told me when she first moved in she would open her front door and find a whole family of magpies on the front porch waiting. I miss them.

love these guys and I love all of your posts. These are great creatures.

Love these guys thank you so much for recording for us I don't get tired of them

Would love an Ozzy Man Review on these birds lol - they have so much personality πŸ™‚

The N. American magpie is a totally different bird.

Anyone who thinks the nightingale has the best trill has never heard the magpie

i love em too.....such a delight to watch them...thank you for sharing them with us!

Mine are currently playing a wild game of keepings off with a white cockatoo feather.

RΓͺ, tu conhece essa pΓ‘gina? Eu amo!!! E amo eles hahahaha πŸ’™ RRenata Russo

I have a weeping eucalypt in my yard, the maggies love swinging on the hanging tree streamers

Omg I love these birds! Thank you for showing me your wonderful world of magpie! I love their music!

I've seen just this in my backyard. They love the paperbark !

Does their play reflect their social status? They look so much like dogs!

love the videos!!!! keep them coming please, especially when we are in winter months.. and cold!

They are such clowns lol =D !

Gemma Webb how can you hate these beautiful birds, woman!!!

Your filming puts such a smile on my face, thank you for a lovely page😊

I just saw the movie "Lion" & recognized the maggies in the background. cute are these maggies

It makes my day when you post these.

Aww bless ! I could watch them all day ❀

Daisy, one of my fave fb page

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6 months ago

The Magpie Whisperer

Two of the youngsters playing with my slipper <3 We now have 6 new youngsters in total!

Thank you to the people who submitted their book reviews! ^_^
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You are so blessed to have them playing in you village that you have set up for them. I would never get any work done because I would be watching them all the time. J'Anne in Phoenix, Arizona.......

Excellent book Danielle. Be proud of yourself. Magpies are a comfort to watch when feeling anxious. I sit out on my deck and watch their shenanigans. I love it when the babies demand food from their mum and dad. Just gorgeous.

Such fun.Really hot day here yesterday so turned on all the spray hoses so birds were well watered.The poor maggies were walking about with their beaks half open...then they discovered the hoses.There is permanent water out for all birds but they do love the sprinklers..especially the Babblers

I so wish we had those here!! They are a Hoot to watch!!

Thank you for posting these-I love watching them and I have 1 baby and 3 pairs that come to visit me daily. One sits on my lap and pecks me to stroke him! Cheeky thing. The babies are such clowns- I could happily watch them all day. 😍

They are having lots off fun,it's lovely. I look after three Magpie three carrawong and six butcherbird. My magpie baby come to me for his food it feel good that they let me do that .I love all my birds.

They really are like children or puppies. I'm teaching mine to catch the food in their mouths. A bit like a fieldsman going for the ball....!

Have 4 babies but think one is a little slow - call him Squaker - he knows how to feed himself but asks his other babies & Mum & Dad to feed him - never shuts up !

I've got 4 babies in the front yard that punch each other up and 3 in the back yard that are good friends.

I need to move to where <3 Magpies <3 are !!

These guys are always so much fun to watch

That magpie warble is just the best. It always reminds me of autumn especially.

The slipper must die! Death to all slippers.

They're really giving that slipper a good pecking. Little villains. πŸ˜‚

I really really really wanted to adopt this type of birds, they're so adorable and funny birds.

wow lucky you ..we just have one youngster the antics ..

how awesome...wish i could watch these characters in person...they're so amazing and funny!

Mike Prowse Wonderful, what a delight, Just love my family of 5 + 3 Butcher Birds.

Maybe they think it's another magpie and they're teasing it?

They never fail to make me smile. It's been a while since you've posted?

These are different than our Western US magpies. They will steal your socks!

They are so fascinating to watch.

I love this silly birds...

German raven loves snow

One of my front yard babies.

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7 months ago

The Magpie Whisperer

Pip and Fluffy playing footsies <3

We are delighted to hear from happy followers, that they enjoy our Magpie Whisperer book. We have put a lot of work into it and it's always refreshing to read such positive feedback! It makes it all the more worthwhile 😊 Thank you to those that have taken the time, to send in photos and feedback of our book! <3
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Can't wait to read it. Waiting list was very long at the North Adelaide library. How much is the book. I'm having a series of ops and would be great to read it. This is one of the 12 magpies that have adopted us. His name is BB. Broken beak. He has only one leg. He's in quite good Nic considering his injuries and the other magpies don't pick on him.

I love the Australian magpies....Im listening to them as I write now in the morning garden. ..they are the first welcome I got as a new imigrant back in 1959....thankyou for the beautiful pictures and the work that goes into it.Thankyou.❀❀

Always makes me feel so happy to see your beautiful maggies, I just love them. Thank you so much for taking such good care of them you are a legend x

This is beautiful ❀ I caught my magpie baby doing this with its mum the other day! She ended up trying to walk away, but baby wouldn't let go! The baby is used to us as well now. Spotted me sitting on my stairs and flew right up to me, wanted a snack 😊

Wishing you AND those adorable critters a MOST Wondrous New Year! Thank you for your devotion to them...and for sharing with us. You are loved. Hugs, Bella ~

I had magpie baby that I named pip short for pip-squeak he use to play with my toes and my hair I lived in the country and they are much friendlier than the city ones tho I live in QLD Kallangur area and I have 3 that come and see me I named 1 hop he has half of 1 leg and daffodil and the baby peek-a-boo cause it was hiding in the tree the day I heard it I couldn't see her she gets picked on sometimes by mum daffodil and dad hop I haven't seen him for a while I hope he is alright I have enjoyed these videos as I love magpies they are a protected species and they have a sense of humour I enjoy these birds very much I love all birds and wildlife

The book is awesome.....just love these birds! Mine are making a racket as I write! Thank you so much for the book and for sharing all their wonderful antics with us.....cheers!!

My resident maggies had two babies this year and both mum and dad are terrific parents. I wondered how they put up with the fights and saw dad lose his block and attack the kids it stopped them from fighting and all was quiet for a long time. I love my early warning system (snakes, foxes, cats, and eagles) my maggies let me know with different calls that we have intruders they are wonderful.

i just love these dang birds!!!!! if i had them in my back yard, i would never come inside... their so much fun,, oh and it looks so pretty there, compared to georgia, where its cold, raining, and miserable!!!

I just love how they like to hang upside down and just lie down !!! They are so amazing <3

Besides hearing children laugh, magpies warbling is 'right up there' as one of my favourite sounds

I have always loves magpies, when I lived overseas my mum sent me a cassette with music that had aussie birds on it.. the magpie warbles always made me smile and of course weep with homesickness. Im an avid cyclist and rarely do i have problems with magpies swooping... they usually get my friends!

Hi all magpie lovers - one of "my" young magpies in our local park has some twine wrapped around her foot which is making it hard for her to stand. She can fly etc but if we could catch her we could easily remove it and make her life happier. Any clues as we've tried to catch her with a towel and no luck. Wires couldn't help either. Thanks.

Whenever I saw the Maggies doing this, I thought that they were trying to kill each other and I would be breaking them up! Even stopped the car one day and got out to stop the 'attack' because I was worried! Probably a family having fun! πŸ™

I saw my first magpie last fall in the northwest US, they caught my eye. I am so enjoying your page. They really do have humorous personalities.

I love the noise they make, I expect you could teach them to sing songs, such sweet birds, our are prettier but not so funny and cheeky xxx

Tenho muitas aves selvagens no meu limitado espaço, umas mais próximas outras mais reservadas, mas a interação destas fascina-me.

I'm so glad you share your videos because they really make my day πŸ™‚

they are so darned funny. never ending entertainment. it must be great fun to be a magpie.

Happiness is , watching young Maggies lying on their sides , playing Yes < No >Balck <or White ... lol <3

I love the videos...very entertaining birds! I wish we had magpies in NW Missouri! πŸ™‚

Wow - so cute - I wonder what that one little birdie is saying - sure has a lot to say πŸ™‚

I just love these birds! They are so interesting and enjoyable to watch! Thanks for letting us in your special world!

Just love their calls. My garden dwellers wake me up most mornings with their beautiful warbles.

The Magpie Whisperer What do you feed yours? I have two young ones here and give them raw meats but they don't seem to like any grains.

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7 months ago

The Magpie Whisperer

I wonder if this maggie is on Santa's naughty list? ... I think he might be!
Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
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He is a naughty little boy! Merry Christmas to all maggies and to the Magpie Whisperer. Im looking forward to reading your new book!

Naughty mischievous rascal <3 Or it's teaching the other to "roll over" πŸ˜‰ Happy holidays from my family and budgies in the Netherlands to all of you!!

Happy Christmas and thank you so much for all the laughter.I have filled my wheel barrow with water and the magpies love it.

Hahaa this page is the best πŸ˜‚ how nuts is the magpie! Gigi-Monique Rachel Viviana

He will get a lump of coal for being naughty, but being a magpie, he will just play with it. Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas and I love your book! Have a happy and safe one.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and you lovely birds - you brighten up my days <3

Merry Xmas to you & those lovely maggies, my three babies are already squawking for Xmas brekkyπŸŽ…πŸŽ„

Great wrestling move...points on that for Santa's list..not so good!

And then he laughs about it!!! I wish we had these birds in my yard!!

Merry Christmas Magpie Whisperer! To you and all your beautiful magpie familiesπŸ˜™

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all the beautiful angels in disguise at Magpie Manor. Your book is an absolute delight and a credit to your 'Mum' 🌝

Merry Christmas. Thank you for sharing all your wonder family shenanigans.

Top of the naughty list! Merry Christmas. Have loved watching their antics.

Merry Christmas to you and your wonderful friends. My Satin Bowerbird sends his love. We love your posts very much. Xxx

Ooh, little bully. Merry Christmas Maggies and Whisperer.

All the best for the holidays! Merry Xmas and Happy New Year

LOL! thank you for sharing this! Merry Christmas to you and yours and a blessed new year!

Merry Christmas to you and those wonderful scamps from northern California!

I wonder where he learned krav maga! πŸ˜‰ have a wonderful Xmas!

Wow! He's got some moves - lol πŸ˜‚ Our babies are up and singing to us already. Beautiful Christmas morning

ha ha Looks like he has a smile on his face after the well planned tackle πŸ™‚

Thank you for always brightening my day! Merry Christmas to you all!

The very same to you and all the sweet maggies!

Have a great Christmas to you and your magpies! I hope to buy your book soon πŸ’•

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